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How to publish paper with IJSB logo

Follow some easy steps

Step 1: Select your research topic

  • Select an appropriate topic.
  • Search related papers on the web.

Step 2: Write your paper

  •  Abstract: briefly describe aims of the study, study method (methodology), major findings, limitation of the study (if any), theoretical and practical implications of your study. and Write 5 -8 keywords after abstract
  • Introduction: write introduction section
  • Literature Review: Describe recent literature

**Please try to cite Some references to recent published IJSB papers for developing literature review and supporting your work.

* Search keywords in the search field of our website and cite recent published paper.

  • Research Gap: Describe research gap (Why current study is needed: What has been done already, What has not been done, What has not been done very well) of your study.
  • Research method: Describe your research method
  • Result and discussion: Describe your findings
  • Conclusion: write conclusion

Step 3: Remove Plagiarism completely from your paper.

* If you found significant plagiarism in your text. Rewrite your sentences. You may use also artificial intelligence-based plagiarism remover free tools. After using plagiarism remover please check your whole document and correct it manually.

Step 4: Submit your paper here and wait for review report

Step 5: If you get major/ minor revision decision, resubmit your mansucript after correction
Step 6: If you get acceptance letter from journal, pay your paper publication fee
Done ! Your paper will be published online



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