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International Journal of Science and Business (IJSB) is a scholarly international journal, which is peer reviewed (double blind) and open access international journal for publishing research paper or article at low publication fee. International Journal of Science and Business (IJSB) committed to exchange the professional and academic findings of research paper or article on all aspects of Science, Engineering, business and any other fields (multidisciplinary international journals). The Core objective of International Journal of Science and Business (IJSB) is to publish research paper or article on new knowledge and theories for the promote of society from researchers, professionals, and academics to the industry practitioners. International Journal of Science and Business (IJSB) also gives a scholarly platform for Ph.D. and international scholar to submit on-going article or research paper or thesis and enlargements at low publication fee in these areas.

The International Journal of Science and Business (IJSB) is a leading publication that focuses on the intersection of science and business. This peer-reviewed journal is committed to publishing the latest research findings and insights in these fields, and to advancing our understanding of the complex relationships between science, technology, and business. The IJSB provides an open platform for scholars, researchers, and experts to share their work, engage in meaningful discourse, and exchange ideas. By making scientific knowledge freely accessible to the general public, the IJSB is helping to promote scientific literacy and to advance the frontiers of both science and business. The journal’s editorial board is dedicated to ensuring that all articles undergo a rigorous peer-review process, and that the publication standards are of the highest quality. With its focus on interdisciplinary research, the IJSB is an essential resource for anyone who is interested in science and business, and it plays a key role in advancing our collective understanding of these fields.

In addition to its commitment to publishing high-quality research, the IJSB also provides valuable resources for researchers and students. The journal’s website features a wealth of information on the latest research developments, as well as resources and tools for researchers to use in their own work. The IJSB is dedicated to supporting the research community, and to fostering an environment of collaboration and exchange. By providing a platform for researchers to share their work and engage in meaningful discourse, the IJSB is helping to advance scientific progress and to promote the growth of new ideas and insights.

Moreover, the IJSB is committed to promoting open access and to making scientific knowledge available to a wider audience. By making research findings freely available, the journal helps to ensure that research is accessible to those who need it, regardless of their location or financial resources. This is particularly important in fields where access to research can be limited, such as in developing countries. The IJSB is dedicated to promoting scientific literacy and to making research findings accessible to a wider audience, so that everyone can benefit from the advances being made in various fields.

In conclusion, the International Journal of Science and Business (IJSB) is an important resource for researchers, students, and anyone who is interested in science and business. With its commitment to publishing high-quality research and promoting open access, the IJSB is making a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge and to the betterment of society as a whole.


IJSB is published in both printed and online versions

International Journal of Science and Business (IJSB) publishes research papers or article in the fields of Science, Engineering, Business and any other field (multidisciplinary international journals). The coverage of IJSB includes, but is not limited to, the following subjects:

Science Field: Agricultural science, Computer science, Food Science, Statistics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Linguistics, Microbiology, Physics, Psychology, Zoology, Mathematics , Statistics, Bio-security and Environmental Science.

Engineering Field: Biomolecular engineering, Materials engineering, Molecular engineering, Process engineering, Environmental engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Structural engineering, Mining engineering, Transport engineering, Water resources engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Mechanical engineering, Interdisciplinary & Food Science

Business Field: Management, Marketing, International business, Hotel and tourism, Finance, Economics, Banking, Accounting, Human resources management, Entrepreneurship development, Business ethics, Financial Engineering, Economics and International relations,

Other Field: Language and Literature, Environmental Studies, Media Studies, Communication and Culture, Project work, Citizenship Studies, Health and Social Care, History, Cultural Studies, Home Economics, Human Biology and Humanities

International Journal of Science and Business (IJSB) publishes original research papers, empirical research, review papers, conceptual framework, case studies, analytical models, book reviews and technical notes. Special Issues of International Journal of Science and Business (IJSB) dedicated to considerable topics in any sub-field of science, engineering, and business will infrequently will be published.

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Volume-31 Issue -1, 2024
Volume-32 Issue -1, 2024
Volume-33 Issue -1, 2024
Volume-34 Issue -1, 2024
Volume-35 Issue -1, 2024
Volume-36 Issue -1, 2024
Volume-37 Issue -1, 2024
Volume-38 Issue -1, 2024 Special issue: Cutting-Edge Research from Asia Metropolitan University, Malaysia: A Compilation of PhD Dissertations
Volume-39 Issue -1, 2024 Special Issue: Frontiers in Knowledge - Selected PhD Works from Asia Metropolitan University, Malaysia
Volume-40 Issue -1, 2024 (in progress)
Volume-41 Issue -1, 2024
Volume-42 Issue -1, 2024
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