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Question of The Gender Wage Gap: Trends Across The World

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Özgür Önday


The gender pay gap is about gender representation in roles that pay differently, and is about gender portrayal in jobs that pay in an unexpected way, and is not quite the same as equivalent compensation concerns. The gender pay gap is determined by taking the normal compensation for all females in an association, paying little mind to job or duties, and contrasting that with the normal pay for all guys in a similar association, paying little heed to job or obligations. The distinction in these two normal sums is the ” gender pay gap.” Paying ladies not as much as men for a similar activity, absolutely by virtue of their gender, is unlawful and is banned by correspondence enactment. It alludes to the gap between what is earned on normal by ladies and men dependent on normal gross hourly income of every single paid representative – not simply people doing likewise work, or with a similar encounter or working example. It doesn’t demonstrate or distinguish separation or inclination or even a nonattendance of equivalent compensation for equivalent worth work. The next section reviews the theoretical and empirical literature analyzing gender wage differences. Section III describes the trends in gender wage gaps across countries and regions in this date. The fourth section presents how to close gender pay gap. The final section concludes with some thoughts on policy implications.

Key words: Gender Wage Gap, Equal Pay, Value of Work, Gender Pay Gap, Legislations, Government Authorities.

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Title: Question of The Gender Wage Gap: Trends Across The World

Özgür Önday

Journal Name: Journal of Scientific Reports
Publisher IJSAB-International
Media: Online
Volume: 2
Issue: 1
Acceptance Date: 03/03/2020
Date of Publication: 28/03/2020
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Page: 17-31
First Page: 17
Last Page: 31
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Özgür Önday, Department. of Management Information Systems, Boğaziçi University, Turkey.


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