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A Review of the Business Culture Differences between Canada and China

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Peng Sun


Problem-solving is one of the essential purposes of many companies. The business culture of enterprises is an important basic rule for enterprises to solve many problems in their development. The business culture of an enterprise reflects the fundamental value of employees. This article is composed of three parts, including the introduction of what business culture is, the development of the business culture of Chinese and Canadian enterprises, and the comparative analysis of the business culture of the two enterprises. Confucianism profoundly influences the business culture of Chinese enterprises. Confucianism plays an essential role in China’s business culture. The characteristics of the organizational culture of Canadian enterprise groups have their particularities. It is necessary to understand the development of the business culture of enterprises in the two countries. It is also essential for readers to understand the differences in corporate culture. In addition, the author critically analyzed China and Canada’s business culture and summarized their respective shortcomings. At the practical level, this paper can provide more stable business culture construction considerations for enterprises. Nowadays, many successful enterprises offer better customer services with their unique business culture. The author believes that the competitiveness of a genuinely successful enterprise is often reflected in its services. Competitive services will bring more economic returns to enterprises. Therefore, for enterprises, a thriving business culture is crucial.

Key words: Business culture, Business practices, Confucianism, Cross-cultural communication, Cultural conflict.

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Title: A Review of the Business Culture Differences between Canada and China

Peng Sun

Journal Name: Journal of Scientific Reports
Publisher IJSAB-International
Media: Online
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Acceptance Date: 03/12/2022
Date of Publication: 04/12/2022
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Page: 13-22
First Page: 13
Last Page: 22
Paper Type: Research Paper
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Peng Sun, School of Management, Jinan University (JNU), Guangzhou, China.


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