Effect of Informational Interface of Mobile Application Technology on the Growth of SACCOS in Nairobi County, Kenya Authors: Emily Jerop, Samson Nyang’au Paul & Mwalili Tobias

The Impact of China – African trade on economic growth of African countries Authors: Enock Mwakalila, Joseph AKA & Tawanda Mukazhi

Information Seeking Behavior of Grass Root Level Extension Workers of the Department of Agricultural Extension in Bangladesh Authors: Kh Zulfikar Hossain, Md Javed Azad, Hossain Al Mufthi, Md Mahbubul Alam, PhD & Md Masum Abdullah

Factors influencing the Entrepreneurial Intention of Graduate and Non-Graduate Students in Bangladesh Authors:Md. Khalid Hassan, Shekh Md. Sahiduj Jaman, Md. Ruhul Amin & Md. Asaduzzaman Babu

Factors Influencing Consumers’ Choice Criteria to Purchase Residential Apartments in Bangladesh Authors:Md. Abdullah Al Jamil, Afzal Hossain & Md. Zillur Rahman Siddique

Supplementation Of Neem And Nishyinda Leaves As Growth Promoters In Quail Authors:M.S Haque, R. Islam, F.Binthe Aziz, M.M Hasa, & M. M. Parvez

Effects of Turmeric paste on Growth Performance, Immune response and Blood characteristics in Japanese Quail Authors:S. Hossen, R. Islam, F.Binthe Aziz, M.M Hasa, & M. M. Parvez

Effects of Azolla on Growth, Carcass characteristics and Hematologic Parameters of Japanese Quail Authors:M. R. Parvez, R. Islam, F.Binthe Aziz, M.M Hasa, & M. M. Parvez

Association between Musculoskeletal Disorders and Computer use among the Patients Who Attended a Selected Rehabilitation Centre of Dhaka Authors:A. K. M Rewzan & Jeonal Abedin

Effect of Wheat Grass (Triticum aestivum) on Hemato-Biochemical Parameters and Body Weight in Rabbit Authors:A. Tahamina, R. Islam, F.B. Aziz, M.M. Hasan, M. M. Parvez, S.A. Ripa, & A. Shefaly

The effect of extracurricular activities on the academic performance of the university students: Evidence from Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU), Dinajpur, Bangladesh Authors:Md. Mehedul Islam Sabuj, Rony Kumar Datta & Md. Nur Rafiq

The Factors and Pattern of Neck Pain among the Under Graduate Medical Student in Dhaka City Authors:Dr. A. K. M Rezwan

In Search of Housing Bubble in Bangladesh Authors: Md. Abdullah Al Jamil, Kakoly Parvin & Md. Awlad Hossain

Traditional Market Days and The Development of Long Distance Trade in Nigeria Authors:Charles Daniel Enyia & Sylva Ezema Kalu

Employee Perception Regarding Corporate Social Performance: A study of the selected Banking Company in Bangladesh Authors:Shuvabrata Saha

Response of Four Local Freshwater Fish Species to The Toxicity of Thiocarbamate Insecticide Cartap (Suntap 50 SP)Authors:Md. Nazmul Haque, Md. Jahidul Islam, Bikash Chandra Sarker & Subrota Kumer Pramanik

Effect of Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) And Riboflavin Against Arsenic Toxicity In Rat Authors:Shefaly Akter, Md. Mahmudul Hasan, Rakibul Islam, Fahima Binthe Aziz, Mst. Misrat Masuma Parvez, Sharmin Akter Ripa, Tahmina Akter, & Md. Hannan Ali

Suitability Assessment of Wastewater of Three Tobacco Industries for Irrigation and Germination of Some Vegetable Seeds Authors:Md. Saddam Hossain, Md. Jahidul Islam, Bikash Chandra Sarker, Subrota Kumer Pramanik & Rita Khatun

The Threshold Foreign Direct Investment under Application of the Growth Identification and Facilitation Framework: case of Benin Authors:Kokou Wotodjo Tozo

Measuring Service Gap of Higher Education in Bangladesh - A Comparative Study between Public University & Private University. Authors:Tarannum Islam Shimin & Abul Kalam

How Transformational Leadership style of Head Nurse Influences the Job Satisfaction and Performance of Nurses: A Case Study in Hospital Industry Indonesia. Authors:Fetti Arisa & Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah

Training/Development and Survival of Small Businesses in Port Harcourt Authors:Akpuruku Banton & Enyia Charles Daniel

Entrepreneurship Orientation and Growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Bayelsa State, Nigeria Authors:Emelah Gentle E. & B. Chima Onuoha

Time Series Modeling and Forecasting of CPI of Bangladesh Authors:S. M. Abu Saeed, Md. Sabuj Ali, Mst. Dilara Pervin, Md. Ziaul Hassan

A Statistical Investigation on present condition of Tant: A case study of Sirajgonj district, Bangladesh Authors: Mst. Dilara Pervin, A. S. M. Abu Saeed, Md. Sabuj Ali, Papia sultana

Antenatal care taking behavior of Bangladeshi women Authors: Md. Sabuj Ali, Mst. Dilara Pervin, A. S. M Abu Saeed

The Impact of Capital Market Failure and Investors Responses in Bangladesh: The Case of Chittagong Stock Exchange during 2010-11 Authors: Md. Edrich Molla, Tauhid Ahmed Bappy & Mohammad Nurul Afchar

Problems and Prospects of Tourism Industry in Bangladesh: A Case of Cox’s bazar Tourist Spots Authors: Jahangir Alam




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