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We’re expanding our business portfolio, and every year we will include three new journals in our system.We are always interested in hearing ideas for potential new journals. If you want to open a new journal in our system. please submit a proposal for consideration by our editorial specialists.

we would love to hear from you. Unlike other publishers, we do not ask for any investment from our association, society and organization partners in order to launch a journal.

Please Include in a new journal proposal

  1. Title of the New Journal
  2. Aims and scope
  3. Name of Chief Editor ( Professor or Associate professor only )
  4. Suggestions on the frequency/size of the journal and type of articles to be published (research, survey, short notes).
  5. Minimum 5 new research papers (From any authors) in the related field

We will provide for new journal

  1. Publishing platform
  2. Technical support

International Journal on Science, Arts and Business (IJSAB) welcomes proposals for the creation of new journals in any field. Submit a new journal proposal to with the above information.

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