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The Emergence of E-commerce in Bangladesh And Its Growth Md Swaid Sameh

The Emergence of E-commerce in Bangladesh And Its Growth

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Md Swaid Sameh


­The word “e-commerce” means the buying and selling of goods, products, and services through the internet. Electronic commerce or internet commerce are other synonyms of e-commerce. These services were provided through the internet network. In this paper, I defined a new concept “e-commerce in Bangladesh” so that everyone can get an idea about everything about e-commerce in Bangladesh at a glance and also focused on six aspects to analyze and study the problems related, such as definition, emerge, growth, current activities, activities, challenges & policy Required. All issues have been analyzed in terms of e-commerce in Bangladesh. First, we analyzed the basic content, characteristics, activities of e-commerce. Second, we discussed the objective & methodology and a clear concept of e-commerce. Third, we gave out the emergence and history. Forth, we analyzed and gave out the growth & present Status. Fifth, we analyzed the current activities & Bangladesh’s top E-commerce platforms and their traffic. And finally, we discussed some challenges & policies required for E-commerce in Bangladesh. The article includes a literature review on the idea of e-commerce as well as secondary data analysis on e-commerce in Bangladesh.

 Keywords: E-commerce, Bangladesh, B2C, Business, ICT.


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Title:The Emergence of E-commerce in Bangladesh And Its Growth
Author:Md Swaid Sameh
Journal Name:International Journal of Science and Business
ISSN:ISSN 2520-4750 (Online), ISSN 2521-3040 (Print)
Acceptance Date:24/09/2021
Date of Publication:01/10/2021
PDF URL:https://ijsab.com/wp-content/uploads/823.pdf
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First Page:30
Last Page:40
Paper Type:Literature review
Current Status:Published


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Md Swaid Sameh (2021). The Emergence of E-commerce in Bangladesh And Its Growth. International Journal of Science and Business, 5(10), 30-40. doi: https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.5542943

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Md Swaid Sameh, Undergraduate Student, Department of Management, Govt. Bangla College, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. e-mail: sameh.purno1998@gmail.com

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5542943