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Bangladesh is a developing country where Information Technology (IT) is ever not highly developed but Government has a dream to develop this sector so that IT can entrance in every sector in Country. Information technology (IT) is an umbrella term, the use of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. It is now a part of nearly every aspect of daily life in developing country- Bangladesh and is the backbone of many successful initiatives such as improving teaching quality of education. Information technologies are assumed to play a constructive role in education to make the teaching and learning process more productive through collaboration in an information rich society. Information rich society promotes new practices and paradigms for education where the teacher has to play new role of mentoring, coaching and helping students in their studies rather to play the conventional role of spoon-feeding in the classrooms. Students can learn independently having a wide choice of program selection and access to information. Information technology complements and enhances traditional teaching system through emphasis on the information basis in University of Dhaka. This study attempts to explore the impacts of information technology on teaching as well as learning system of educational institutions. In this research report, mixed method (both qualitative and quantitative method) is used to get an insight view about the related issues. It is observed that IT based learning system is a modern method of teaching and learning process which is helpful both for teachers and students.

 Key Words: Education, Information Technology, Teaching, Teaching method, Learning process.






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