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The basic foundations of the 1945 Constitution and the National Law and Law No. 22 of 1999 on the system of state administration and Law No. 32 of 2004 on Regional Autonomy are the powers granted to the autonomous regions to regulate and manage their own governmental affairs and the interests of the local people according to aspirations of the community to improve the usefulness and results of the implementation of government in the framework of service to the community and the implementation of development in accordance with legislation. Decentralization is the widespread devolution of power and decision-making to the lower levels. Deconcentration is the delegation of governmental authority by the Government to the governor as a representative of the government and / or to a vertical institution in a particular region. Reform generally means changes to a system that has existed at a time. An autonomous region is an area within a state that has autonomous powers, or freedom from a government outside the area. Usually an area is given this system because of its unique geographical condition or its population is a minority of the country, so special laws are required, which are only suitable for the area. In this case to realize a government whose original purpose with the existence of central or regional regulations or regulations is formed that is none other than the etymological nature of the “command” of the government from its basic word. So that the realization of good governance and clean governance in the full service of public service and excellent service in order service to society with existence of regulation and regulation of central and regional so that this rule will be very tied to each other in the cycle of relations between the central government and local governments and communities.


Key words: Implementation of policy, regional autonomy, decentralization, and public service.

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