Protecting The Maintenance Right Of Parents In The Modern Era: The Legal Perspective In Bangladesh Authors: Roksana Akther and Md. Mahmadul Hasan Khan

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This paper aims to assess the efficiency of the current legal framework of Bangladesh enacted for the protection of the maintenance right of parents and also to determine whether there is any need to reform the current legal framework in order to fulfill the demands of parents for maintenance in the modern era. The study method applied is legal analysis of the secondary materials like constitutional provisions, laws and policies of Bangladesh, international legal instruments, judicial decisions in Bangladesh and other jurisdictions, books and journal articles on the maintenance right of parents. The study has gathered a significant number of cases of negligence by the children to maintain their parents in their twilight years. Moreover, it also reveals that there are substantial deficiencies in the statutory laws of Bangladesh which imposes upon the children the legal obligation to maintain their parents. Finally, it concludes that the current legal framework of Bangladesh on maintenance right of parents needs to be reformed to meet the demands of parents for maintenance in the modern era.


Key words: Parents, Children, Maintenance Right, Personal and Statutory Laws on Maintenance

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