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Vietnam’s Garment Industry – Origins and Future Prospects

Dung Phuong



This paper investigates the origin and future of Vietnam’s garment industry. Recent research has shown that garments business have been shifting from china to Vietnam because in Vietnam, comparatively labor costs are more cheaper than china. The rearrangement of production amenities to Vietnam – with strong government support to the garments industry, increasing exports if textile product, strong trade relations and selected goals have helped to expand of textile and apparel industry in Vietnam. According to purchasing power parity (PPT) Vietnam is the 35th largest economy in the world. Vietnam is a member of ASEAN, WTO and APEC. Garments industry have a great impact in Vietnam’s economy. Vietnam’s economy is growing day by day. This paper in exploratory in nature that will explore the impact of garment industry in Vietnam’s economy.

Key words: Garment, production, Industry, Prospect and economy


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Title:                               Vietnam’s Garment Industry – Origins and Future Prospects.

Authors:                        Phuong, D.

Journal Name:            International Journal of Science and Business


ISSN:                                2520-4750

DOI:                                  10.5281/zenodo.1040690

Media:                             Online and Print

Volume:                           1

Issue:                               3

Acceptance Date:       23/10/2017

Date of Publication: 2/11/2017

PDF URL:          

Free download:        Available

Page:                              103-112

First Page:                  103

Last Page:                  112


Phuong, D. (2017). Vietnam’s Garment Industry – Origins and Future Prospects. International Journal of Science and Business, 1(3), 103-112.


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About Authors

Dung Phuong

Vietnamese German University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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