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Point of Purchase Displays and Fixtures; Rationale for acceptance in Kenya Supermarkets

Authors: Beatrice Matiri Maisori & Dr. Mary Kinoti


A key challenge of many Kenyan supermarkets is competition in brands’ visibility and availability which are two key aspects impacting probability of purchase. Marketers thus employ Point of Purchase (POP) advertising and signage and provide POP displays to enhance visibility and achieve communication. This study surveys the aspects impacting acceptance of Point of Purchase (POP) Displays and Fixtures by Supermarkets in Kenya.  The findings of the study will benefit the fast moving consumer goods distribution supply chain, the academia as well as government tax departments. The study is a descriptive survey of 31 supermarkets in Kenya. Data was collected using a questionnaire and an observation was done of the POP Displays and Fixtures used in the supermarkets.  The data collected was analyzed using descriptive techniques. The findings were presented using qualitative approaches. Three main aspects were identified; space constraints, willingness of the supermarket management to carry out the promotions and forms of displays availed.  In addition, the supermarket owners valued good relationships with product owners, joint POP design and support in cash incentives. The study recommends studies to examine the extent these aspects affect acceptance as well as exploration of POP as a form of Sales Promotion, its effectiveness and what extent of their use will generate optimal sales.

Key words:                    Supermarkets, POP Displays and Fixtures, Acceptance, Sales Promotion

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Title:                             Point of Purchase Displays and Fixtures; Rationale for acceptance in Kenya Supermarkets

Authors:                           Beatrice Matiri Maisori & Dr. Mary Kinoti

Journal Name:               International Journal of Science and Business


ISSN:                                   ISSN 2520-4750 (Online), ISSN 2521-3040 (Print)


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Volume:                             2

Issue:                                  2

Acceptance Date:          17/03/2018

Date of Publication:   17/03/2018

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Page:                                  153-181

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Matiri-Maisori, B., & Kinoti, D. M. (2018). Point of Purchase Displays and Fixtures;          Rationale for acceptance in Kenya Supermarkets. International Journal of Science and Business, 2(2), 153-181. doi:

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About Authors

Beatrice Matiri Maisori, Business School, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China

Dr. Mary Kinoti, School of Business, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya


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