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Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty of Nepali Commercial Banks


Rajeswor Neupane


The study has been designed to understand the opinions of the respondents regarding relationship marketing practices on customer loyalty in Nepali commercial banks by semi-structured questionnaires. The study has focused on effect of relationship marketing practices variables in the customer loyalty of Nepali commercial banks. The study has used different factors like: trust, communication, conflict handling, and commitment towards customer loyalty. This study has found that the relationship marketing dimensions are responsible for creating customer loyalty. It has also drawn the conclusion that customers tend to believe on immediate response and the act of describing properly about offers and benefits to the customers is vital in sustaining customer loyalty.

. Key words: Communication, Conflict Handling, Customer Loyalty, Trust.

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Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty of Nepali Commercial Banks


Rajeswor Neupane

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Rajeswor Neupane, Associate Professor, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Commerce Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal.


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