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Democratization in Bangladesh: Past, Present and Future

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Muhammad Faridul Alam


Bangladesh, after the emergence as an independent state in 16 December, 1971, has not yet been able to glorify itself as a strong democratic nation thought having a wealthy history of democratic struggle. Although there are difficulties in performing democratic practice, the people of Bangladesh are always inspired by democratic ideals and democratic political system as their cherished desires. The liberal democratic  system which has been performed in the West is a distinct theory here, however the fundamental freedom of the people are not realized due to political tensions and lack of consensus on national interest among the major political parties. Thus though having the possibilities of enriching the democratic values and ensuring the development, the process is being hindered. This article will analyze the gradual evolution of democratic movement, problems of present democratic system as well as the prospects of democracy in Bangladesh.

Key words: Liberal Democracy, Political Parties, Egalitarianism, Human Rights, Fundamental Freedom.

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Democratization in Bangladesh: Past, Present and Future


Muhammad Faridul Alam

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Muhammad Faridul Alam, Associate Professor, Department Of International Relations, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.


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