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Vergílio Ferreira and Malraux: Literature, Existentialism and Cinema

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Luis Cardoso


Vergílio Ferreira, after a short approach to Neo-Realism, began to be interested in a french writer’s ideas who were a turning point to the portuguese writer. Malraux, a huge reference in Existentialism, had conceived the problem-novel, a text centred in a deep focus concerning Man, Life and the understanding of the Human Condition. With this dialogue between Vergílio Ferreira and Malraux, Existentialism enters Portugal and begins a major theoretical dispute between Neo-Realism and Existentialism. Vergílio Ferreira abandons the neo-realism guidelines and embraces Malraux’s problem-novel.

Key words: Vergílio Ferreira, Portuguese Literature, Malraux, Cinema, Existentialism, narrative technique.

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Title:Vergílio Ferreira and Malraux: Literature, Existentialism and Cinema
Author:Luis Cardoso
Journal Name:International Journal of Science and Business
ISSN:ISSN 2520-4750 (Online), ISSN 2521-3040 (Print)
Acceptance Date:05/12/2019
Date of Publication:05/12/2019
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First Page:331
Last Page:335
Paper Type:Research Paper
Current Status:Published

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Luis Cardoso, PhD, Full Professor, Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre  and Centre for Comparative Studies – University of Lisbon, Portugal.


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