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Resource Allocation in Fog Computing: A Review

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Kosrat Dlshad Ahmed & Subhi R. M. Zeebaree


­Coupled with resource retrained system and devices, Internet of things network requires effective utilization of Fog Computing system. With increasing demand and requirements for enhancing the performance, fog computing scenario requires increased output, less latency, greater performance etc. This review takes the concept of fog computing one step further by reviewing available literature on the components of fog computing to determine the effective outcomes for different settings and management of the network consideration. Contributing to the development appropriate settings and management of the cloud based support, necessary analysis has been carried out in this review. Systematic analysis on the development of fog computing such as system model has been analyzed. To review the prospects and development of fog computing, necessary relationships have been established such as fog computing, fog – cloud computing and fog – fog computing. Based on the learning of the research, future direction for the research has been suggested as well.

 Keywords: Fog Computing, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), Internet of Things (IoT), Mapping Study, Resource Allocation, Fog Nodes, Quality of Experience (QoE).

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Title:Resource Allocation in Fog Computing: A Review
Author:Kosrat Dlshad Ahmed & Subhi R. M. Zeebaree
Journal Name:International Journal of Science and Business
ISSN:ISSN 2520-4750 (Online), ISSN 2521-3040 (Print)
Acceptance Date:20/01/2021
Date of Publication:25/01/2021
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First Page:54
Last Page:63
Paper Type:Literature Review
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Kosrat Dlshad Ahmed (corresponding author), ISE Department, Erbil Polytechnic University, Erbil – Kurdistan Region – Iraq,

Subhi R. M. Zeebaree, Information Technology Department, Duhok Polytechnic University, Duhok – Kurdistan Region – Iraq,


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