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Security Issues and Vulnerability of IoT Devices

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Kurdistan Ali & Shavan Askar



The principle of linking intelligent device to the internet is taken out in the internet of things. This model facilitates the relation across the Cloud between the intellectual real items and the separate contact parties, such as the servers, the cellular devices. Internet of things is entering in all aspects of life including home, industries, medical care, cars, sensors, but the main and very important open challenges in this area is security issues. IoT security is very weak this is due to heterogeneous devices used in this field. Therefore, the expansion of security weak points will bring serious dangers to users’ security, and property. This paper discuss the security aspects in the IoT communication protocols and Security threats of multiple layers dependent on the security concepts of data confidently, data integrity and privacy, it also discusses and investigates the main IoT protocols that used to communicate between IoT based nodes and sensors. Furthermore, vulnerability in different protocols are reviewed and compared.

 Keywords: Internet of Things, Security, Privacy, Vulnerabilities, ZigBee, LoRaWaN, 6LoWPAN.

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Title: Security Issues and Vulnerability of IoT Devices
Author: Kurdistan Ali & Shavan Askar
Journal Name: International Journal of Science and Business
ISSN: ISSN 2520-4750 (Online), ISSN 2521-3040 (Print)
Media: Online
Volume: 5
Issue: 3
Acceptance Date: 01/02/2021
Date of Publication: 03/02/2021
Free download: Available
Page: 101-115
First Page: 101
Last Page: 115
Paper Type: Literature Review
Current Status: Published


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Kurdistan Ali & Shavan Askar (2021). Security Issues and Vulnerabilities of IoT Devices. International Journal of Science and Business, 5(3), 101-115. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.4497707

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Kurdistan Ali, Information System Engineering, Erbil Polytechnic University, Erbil, Iraq. Email:

Shavan Askar (Corresponding Author), Assistant Professor, Erbil Polytechnic University, Erbil, Iraq. Email:


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