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The Extent Which Information Technology Contributes to the Quality of Hotel Service

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Aree Muhammad Ali



The quality of hotel services has great importance in contemporary business and hotels, because of the changes that the world has witnessed and the increase in competition between organizations to provide high-quality services. Improving the quality of services is a very important issue as a result of the pressures that most companies face due to the increase in competitors, customer complaints, or the desire to increase sales. In this context, the purpose of the study tended towards analyzing the reality of the use of information technology in improving the level of hotel services by addressing the concept and quality of hotel service and the extent to which the study sample uses these applications from the point of view of the customers of the searched hotels. In addition to clarifying the dimensions of the quality of hotel services to match specifications needed for those services, a structure has been designed according to previous research methodology, assuming there is a correlation affected by the information technology dimension with the quality of hotel services. The researchers found that the interest in the elements and types of quality did not reach the required level, which led to achieving the dimensions of quality. The current study also found that the majority of hotels have a website that is used to obtain information about competing hotels and customers in order to provide better services and thus achieve a competitive advantage. The hotel management’s reliance on bilateral contacts and providing feedback, which is, answering customers’ inquiries and giving them the information they need in order to obtain high-quality hotel services.

 Keywords: information technology, hotel service, quality, competitive advantage.


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Title: The Extent Which Information Technology Contributes to the Quality of Hotel Service
Author: Aree Muhammad Ali
Journal Name: International Journal of Science and Business
ISSN: ISSN 2520-4750 (Online), ISSN 2521-3040 (Print)
Media: Online
Volume: 5
Issue: 6
Acceptance Date: 14/06/2021
Date of Publication: 18/06/2021
Free download: Available
Page: 81-93
First Page: 81
Last Page: 93
Paper Type: Research Paper
Current Status: Published


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Aree Muhammad Ali, Technical College of Administration, Duhok PolyTechnic University, Iraq. Email:


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