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Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR)

Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR)

Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR) is peer-reviewed & open access multidisciplinary international journal. That is a mega journal published by IJSAB-Internaitonal. Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR) publishes research papers in the scientific fields of Science, Engineering & Business  (multidisciplinary international journals). Currently, JSR is available in online version.


Journal of Scientific Reports is an open access international journal publishing original research from across all areas of the science, engineering and Business. Hence, journal of Scientific Reports (JSR) publishes research papers or article in the fields of Science, Engineering, Business and any other field (multidisciplinary international journals). The coverage of JSR includes, but is not limited to, the following subjects:

Science Field: Agricultural science, Computer science, Food Science, Statistics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Linguistics, Microbiology, Physics, Psychology, Zoology, Mathematics , Statistics, Bio-security and Environmental Science.

Engineering Field: Biomolecular engineering, Materials engineering, Molecular engineering, Process engineering, Environmental engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Structural engineering, Mining engineering, Transport engineering, Water resources engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Mechanical engineering, Interdisciplinary & Food Science

Business Field: Management, Marketing, International business, Hotel and tourism, Finance, Economics, Banking, Accounting, Human resources management, Entrepreneurship development, Business ethics, Financial Engineering, Economics and International relations,

Other Field: Language and Literature, Environmental Studies, Media Studies, Communication and Culture, Project work, Citizenship Studies, Health and Social Care, History, Cultural Studies, Home Economics, Human Biology and Humanities

Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR) publishes original research papers, empirical research, review papers, conceptual framework, case studies, analytical models, book reviews and technical notes. Special Issues of Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR) dedicated to considerable topics in any sub-field of science, engineering, and business will infrequently will be published.

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Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR) is indexed in the following organizations.
  1. RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) Direct Link
  2. IDEAS Direct Link
  3. BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) Example Link
  4. Bielefeld University Library (Germany)  Example Link
  5. Zenodo Example Link
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