Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR)

Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR) is peer-reviewed & open access multidisciplinary international journal. Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR) is a mega journal published by IJSAB-Internaitonal. Journal of Scientific Reports (JSR) publishes research papers or article in the scientific fields of Science, Engineering & Business  (multidisciplinary international journals). JSR is available in print and online version.

Why publish in Journal of Scientific Reports?

Journal of  Scientific Reports is an open access international journal publishing original research from across all areas of the science, engineering and Business.

* International Journal * DOI number for each paper
* Indexed with more than 30 organizations * Low cost Publication
* Automatic citation * Quick review process
* Online and Print version * Published by IJSAB-International

Expert peer review

Partnering with our extensive network of expert peer reviewers, our editorial team provides rigorous, objective and constructive peer review, and will support you throughout the publication process.


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